A---ABC-guidance-&-proforma-1ABC of Behaviour – £3.99

This is a different twist on a typical ‘Antecedent/ Behaviour/ Consequence’ assessment. Use it to examine what and why a particular behaviour is happening, how everyone involved reacts and to plan and monitor an effective intervention. Easy to use, cuts down on more complicated paperwork and monitors progress towards goals.

Behaviour Checklist – £3.99A---Behaviour-Checklist--1

Checklist to summarise concerns before involving senior staff or outside agencies. Considers frequency, duration and intensity of specific behaviour. Vital first step.


A--CLASSROOM-MANAGEMENT-CHECKLIST-1Classroom management checklist – £2.99

Where difficult behaviour is becoming a problem are there any organisational or planning details that have been missed? A useful prompt for examining what may be need to be addressed to support good behaviour. Particularly useful for new teachers or a particularly challenging class.

A---OBSERVATION-SCHEDULE---specifc-behaviours-1Observation Schedule – £2.99

Checklist to record frequency of specific behaviours. Use and repeat to monitor progress towards targets or for evidence to refer to support services.


A--Problem-Solving-for-Challenging-Behaviour-(ASC-version)-1Problem Solving Flowchart – £2.99

Another way of analysing what is happening, why is might be happening and planning an intervention.



A---Risk-Assessment-blank--longer-form-1Risk Assessment – £2.99

Vital document to complete for all students at risk of harming themselves or others. Use for everyday situations in school or settings or for specific situations such as day trips or residential visits.


A---IBP-GuidanceIndividual Behaviour Plan – FREE

Guidance on producing a behaviour plan for individual child or young person.

Download A - IBP Guidance